Fragment of the coffin of Djedthothiuefankh

This fragment of a wooden coffin is a very interesting example of the grave-goods reserved to members of the priestly elite. It was made for the high priest of Thoth Djedthothiuefankh, the brother of the famous Petosiris. The latter was the owner of an extraordinary temple-tomb in Tuna el-Gebel, in Middle Egypt. The coffins of both brothers, who lived in the late fourth century BC, were distinguished by a decoration of inlaid colored glass forming the hieroglyphs of a long inscription, an extract of Chapter 72 of the Book of the Dead.

Cat. 2241
Wood, glass
69 x 32 x 5.5 cm
332–305 BCE
Hellenistic Period
Tuna el-Gebel / tomb of Petosiris
Drovetti collection, 1824
Sala 12 Vetrina 04
  • Lefebvre, Gustave, “Textes du tombeau de Petosiris”, Annales du Service des Antiquités de l'Egypte 20 ((1920)), pp. 207 - 236
    Tipo=Articolo di periodico SottoTipo=periodico Autore=Lefebvre, Gustave Titolo=Textes du tombeau de Petosiris Sottotiolo= In=Annales du Service des Antiquités de l'Egypte Collana= Opera=20 Luogo= Anno=(1920) Menzionato=pp. 207 - 236 Illustrazione=
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