Ointment jar of Djehuty

This is one of several unguent jars in the Museo Egizio from the burial assemblage of Djehuty, a high official of the king in Egypt's foreign possessions. The artfully varied inscriptions on these vases, filled in with green pigment, contain religious formulas granting offerings and freedom of movement for Djehuty in the hereafter, along with his titles and epithets, which stress his role in the “colonial administration” and his close relationship with the king.

Cat. 3225
Stone / calcite (alabaster)
21.6 x 19 cm
1458–1425 BCE
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Tuthmosis III
Saqqara (?)
Drovetti collection, 1824
Sala 05 Vetrina 11
Museo Egizio