Ointment jar with the cartouche of Tuthmosis III and an indication of its capacity, probably from the grave-goods of the overseer of foreign lands Djehuty

This bag-shaped vase, originally closed by a stopper, was opened in the early twentieth century and emptied of the aromatic substance it contained – an oil mixed with lime, frankincense and myrrh, according to tests done at the time – to measure its capacity, which turned out to be of 3.72 liters, that is, rather less than specified by the inscription (9 henu, or 4.33 liters). Its material, size and shape, as well as the presence of the king’s cartouche, strongly suggest it may have belonged to Djehuty, although the style of the hieroglyphs is different.

Cat. 3234 numero doppio
Stone / calcite (alabaster)
31.5 x 18 cm
1458–1425 BCE
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Tuthmosis III
Drovetti collection, 1824
Sala 05 Vetrina 11
  • Chabas, François, Œuvres diverses: tome quatrième (Bibliothèque Égyptologique 12), Paris 1905, pp. 76-81
    Tipo=Opere biblioteca SottoTipo=Monografia o Opere Autore=Chabas, François Titolo=Œuvres diverses: tome quatrième Sottotiolo= In= Collana=Bibliothèque Égyptologique Opera=12 Luogo=Paris Anno=1905 Menzionato=pp. 76-81 Illustrazione=
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