a symbol of the goddess Isis, it probably pictures a knotted cloth. It was usually made of a red hardstone such as carnelian, or of red glass. The color may allude to the menstrual blood of the goddess.

Provv. 1289
Gilt wood
4.2 x 1.4 x 0.8 cm
1539–30 BCE
Late Period
Sala 11 Vetrina 01
  • Petrie, W.M. Flinders, Amulets, London 1975 (repr. 1914), § 88
    Tipo=Opere biblioteca SottoTipo=Monografia o Opere Autore=Petrie, W.M. Flinders Titolo=Amulets Sottotiolo= In= Collana= Opera= Luogo=London Anno=1975 (repr. 1914) Menzionato=§ 88 Illustrazione=
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