Inscribed fragments of the coffin of Puia

The funerary texts written in hieratic (the cursive script of the time) found hidden in the joins of the boards of the coffin are evidence of the power the Egyptians ascribed to writing. They are spells placing the deceased under the protection of the Egyptian gods of creation, Shu, the god of the air, and Nut and Geb, the sky and the earth. For example: “(Saying) the words by Nut: Puia, I have given you your head for eternity, these limbs of yours shall not be weak…”.

Provv. 718/02
Wood, paint
16 x 8 x 1 cm
1500–1450 BCE
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Thebes, Sheik ‘abd el-Qurna
E. Schiaparelli
Not on display
Museo Egizio