Ostracon with a Demotic payment receipt written by Esmin, son of Harkhonsu

Hartefnakht, son of Pawer, has brought the 4 silver (deben) [1 deben=91 grams], to wit:
tax [for the slave (?)], 2 silver (deben); the sheep (?), 1 silver (deben); tax for the yoke, 1 silver (deben), in total. Written by Esmin, son of Harkhons, in Year 9, Fourth Month of the season of peret (= Pharmuthi), Day 24. Payment of 4 silver (deben), to be given to me, (that is) to Wesirwer, son of Pa[….], in the name of Hartefnakht, son of Pawer. Written (by) Esmin, son of Harkhons…

S. 12661 B.
Baked clay
11.3 x 14 cm
239–238 BCE
Hellenistic Period
Ptolemy III
Thebes West (?)
E. Schiaparelli
Sala 12 Vetrina 07
Museo Egizio