Brick stamped with the cartouches of Asetemkheb, daughter of the high priest of Amun

These stamped bricks bear witness to the building activities of Menkheperre, high priest of Amon, who protected the territory placed under his authority by erecting several forts, including the one of Gebelein. At the time, Egypt was politically divided, with the North ruled by the pharaoh in Tanis and the South by the high priest of Amon of Thebes. Power, however, was kept within the same family; Asetemkheb was the daughter of king Psusennes I of Tanis, brother of Menkheperre, and thus her husband’s niece.

S. 13016/13
Clay, straw
19 x 37 x 10 cm
1050–1000 BCE
Third Intermediate Period
Twenty-first Dynasty
Gebelein / area of the temple of Hathor
E. Schiaparelli
Sala 05 Vetrina 07
Museo Egizio