The Gebelein painted linen: boat procession, group of dancing or mourning figures, and hippopotamus hunting

S. 17138
Cloth / linen, paint
panel with boats 100 x 160 cm
panel with dancers 50 x 160 cm
the other two panels 50 x 80 cm
3600–3350 BCE
Predynastic Period, Naqada II
G. Farina excavations, 1930-1937
Sala 02 Vetrina 07
  • Dee, Michael W. et al., “Radiocarbon dating and the Naqada relative chronology”, Journal of Archaeological Science 46 (2014, June), tabella Excel allegata/attached Excel table
    Tipo=Articolo di periodico SottoTipo= Autore=Dee, Michael W. et al. Titolo=Radiocarbon dating and the Naqada relative chronology Sottotiolo= In=Journal of Archaeological Science Collana= Opera=46 Luogo= Anno=2014, June Menzionato=tabella Excel allegata/attached Excel table Illustrazione=
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