False door of Tjentet

In this stela, although only the upper panel and the lintel of the false door are carved in relief, the decoration includes all that was essential for the survival of Tjentet, that is, her name and the depiction of funerary offerings. The deceased, a royal princess who was a devotee of the goddess Hathor, is shown sitting in front of an offering table laden with slices of bread. Below are sculpted hieroglyphs indicating offerings: “a thousand birds, a thousand bread loaves, and a thousand beer jars.”

S. 1842
Stone / limestone
212 x 111 x 31 cm
2543–2305 BCE
Old Kingdom
Fourth - Fifth Dynasty
Giza, western cemetery / mastaba of Tjentet
E. Schiaparelli
Sala 02 Basamento
  • Curto, Silvio, Gli scavi italiani a el-Ghiza (1903) (Monografie di archeologia e d'arte 1), Roma 1963, p. 61, tav. XVI
    Tipo=Opere biblioteca SottoTipo=Monografia o Opere Autore=Curto, Silvio Titolo=Gli scavi italiani a el-Ghiza (1903) Sottotiolo= In= Collana=Monografie di archeologia e d'arte Opera=1 Luogo=Roma Anno=1963 Menzionato=p. 61 Illustrazione=tav. XVI
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