False door from the east side of the mastaba of Iteti

The false-door stela was originally wedged into the curtain of limestone blocks facing the mastaba. The blocks on either side of the stela are smoothed down and painted in vivid colors. They show a row of geese, ducks, and other fowl. The scene is clearly connected to the reliefs on the jambs of the false door, which depict several individuals bringing animals of different species as funerary offerings for the deceased.

S. 1843
Stone / limestone
190 x 93.5 x 32 cm
2543–2435 BCE
Old Kingdom
Fourth Dynasty
Giza, eastern Cemetery / mastaba of Iteti (G 7391)
E. Schiaparelli
Sala 02 Basamento
  • Curto, Silvio, Gli scavi italiani a el-Ghiza (1903) (Monografie di archeologia e d'arte 1), Roma 1963, pp. 39-41, fig. 7, tav. VII
    Tipo=Opere biblioteca SottoTipo=Monografia o Opere Autore=Curto, Silvio Titolo=Gli scavi italiani a el-Ghiza (1903) Sottotiolo= In= Collana=Monografie di archeologia e d'arte Opera=1 Luogo=Roma Anno=1963 Menzionato=pp. 39-41 Illustrazione=fig. 7, tav. VII
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